Here's What's At The End Of The "On The Way To The Ride, Report!"

He has an irrigation gun that we've used before, that and there's some hoses that can attach to the irrigation wells. But it usually rains every week or so. :thumb: Heck for most of the summer there were a couple spots that we had to avoid as it never dried out. :bonk:
What is this rain you speak of? lol I wish it rained once a weak here (instead of twice a year). Hell, while I'm wishing I wish I had some land to build a track on.
:lol: What's really sad is that there are times when we bitch that it doesn't stop raining after a couple days. :bonk:
I would bitch about that too because I'm not a big of fan of mud riding (unless someone else is going to wash my bike for me).