Hello my name is ..................

I have been known as Rack JR.
I hate water falls but I like to ride. I ride an 07 Yamadawgg wr250f. I ride every thing but the track.

Oh, what the hell.

:wave: Sup Yamadawgg! Welcome to the group. Hope you enjoy the Blue scooter. I tried to get your dad to let me break it in for you, but he said I was not fast enough...:thinking: or skilled...Well I'm sure I will be getting some riding in with you guys this fall and I can show you how make a Goldfish sandwich with blue bread..:smirk:
Hey Jr.. Howz the wr??

Timo. That pic is funny..:lol: I like the fact that she has a big plate of food on her lap. Like she needs anymore.:shocked: