Amatuer HBMC Dual Euro and Youth Rider Training

OK so this weekend is a couple days a way and it will be a blast. I went out and ribboned and marked one course and pre-ran the other. The loop I am working this weekend is 14 miles long and has some smooth fast washes and a whole valley of single/virgin terrain. The other loop will be 8 miles and half of it will run virgin into a technical rock garden, but is still easy to navigate and good lines to pick. It will drop out into a fast single track valley where you can run top gear but need to stay focused on the gnarly cross ruts and a couple sections with stadium whoops.

Here is some pics I took:
Early morning and #5 is loaded and ready to go.
Nice little sunrise over the dez, almost there.
Parked behind Slash X and unloaded. Time to gear up and get to work.
The group that came out to help.
I'll be hanging with these 2 today. Thy will carry the stakes and cards in the SxS. My backpack is loaded down with ribbon, stapler, hammer, arrow, caution, roadcrossing, water, snacks, tools, etc. everything you need to get it done.
Go Left.jpg
Stay left and keep the throttle on.
Behind Bars.jpg
Behind Bars
Sweet Single Track
More :drool:
Love me some single track.
It will be a sweet weekend - 66 degrees on both days (KC66) with a little wind to keep the dust moving. I'll be sweeping my loop after the first race to clear dead....eerrrrrr I mean check on anyone broken down. After that I am running finish and working the kids race.

Cheers - CDA :ride: