Hawaii Ever Been ?

was looking at my Maui pics that i took when on my honeymoon and thought id share. All these pics either the wife or I took except the underwater ones.














:thumb: Excellent shots Travace. Roost for you!! The under water shots are truly amazing. My wife and I want to get back to Hawaii and do some diving as well and see the Arizona before it falls apart.:(
Now for a really important question -- Has anyone been dirt bike riding in Hawaii.

Hey this is DirtBikeAddicts after all. I've been lucky enough to have spent about three months of my life in Hawaii over the years. Mostly on the big island because that's where my folks had a condo. Nothing like a free place to stay and a car to share to make it a lot easier to visit. I started jonesing for a ride so bad while there. I would see these guys riding dual sports all over and I had to fight the urge to run them off the road and jump on the bike.

I knew a guy who disassembled a KDX200 and packed it in two suitcases so he could compete in the (long gone) Mauna Kea 200.

Great underwater shots though. Must have been a "real" camera. I only used those disposable underwater jobs and the results were not nearly as good.
Great pics.....:thumb:......never been there however want to go. When i was doing the "cowboy" thing a few years back I didn't want anything to do with tropical, just mountains, desert, pines and cactus...since I've given that hobby up I'm more or less a chameleon. I can adapt (blend in) to any surrounding!

Also thinking of goign to Key West, Fl.
Damn those are some nice shots!!!! :shocked: What kind of equipment did you use?

Showed my wife the pics and she is way jealous. She loves sea turtles and never got the chance to dive with any. Looks like you had a awesome time.

I'll post of couple of pics. Not nearly as nice as your's though.

Me and the wife at roughly 60 ft.

Me trying to coax a moray eel out of his habitat.

Finally got him to come out. Well a little.
the camera that was used underwater was the dive masters... it was a cannon in a waterproof housing. The rest are my cannon rebel EOS.

if you are ever in maui and you want to swimm with the sea turtles go to Black Rock. its at the Sheraton hotel. There is several of them that live right there in the rocks. wasnt a single day that we did not see them. our room had a great view of the water right there and we would even watch them from our balcony.