Thought I would share a couple of pics of the harescramble I attended. None are of me, I was busy "riding."

These are from today. I was just a spectator.

This guy was a pro/am. Ridiculously fast.

Someone attacking a hill. Not to impressive. I even made it up this one. :smirk:

One of our (club) local rider. He is pretty quick.

Looking ahead. It will make sense in the next two pics.

Mr. Mo (momentum) was your friend on this hill. Unfortunately, I had no friends this day. The hill itself wasn't too steep per se. Had a "hump" in the middle that made it tricky to get over. This isn't me. Although I kind of resembled this in a way. Except I was doing summersalts (sp?) backwards down the hill. :cry:

Same hill different victim.