Happy F**king New Year's Too!

Back at you WG :cheers: And to all the other DBA'rs - have fun, stay safe and wish you all the best in 2011 :thumb: N-Edge
yeah, what he said only in American.....:smirk:...Seriously though...been a great end to a lousy start of 2010. Can't wait for next year! :banana:
So far, so good. Got a good day of riding in today. P841 JR got the "Soil Sampler" award, and P841 JR,JR got the "Bull Dog" your bike award. turned it about 70 miles today, some old trails some new trails and lunch at \ X. It must of rained real good in the Desert, a whole bunch of new wash outs, but the sand washes were perfect, like groomed almost. :thumb: