Happy B-Day Suzuki_dude!

i havent got anything yet, well a pizza from dad (i lovee pizza) and my gma gave my a card w/ 10 bucks and some chocolate, but imma try to get my dad to take me to big horn as my present
Thats good, by then I'll have enough money to go back. It's usually every 2 or 3 weeks, so that means a week or two.They break up practice. A&B, Pit bike, and C class. I always run for 20 minutes with the A&B riders, then when the others go out, I watch supercross with the locals on projection screen. It's a blast! I can run C with you too, it's a super easy track.
Ahh damn, I missed the party. :pout: what no strippers? :cry: man SuDu you need better friends to give a party...next year :thinking:

anyway happy late birthday!!!:banana: