Other GoPro Chin-Mount for the Helmet

Are you tired of seeing that ever-present piece of your helmet in your vids? :foul:

Do you want the cam to pick-up your voice better? :thinking: ... maybe not.

Do you want the cam better protected when crashing through bushes and branches? :noidea:

Do you want to immediately see if the mount angle gets tweeked?

Make yourself a chin-mount bracket ... here's one way:

- Cardboard (to make a pattern and check fit)
- Aluminum (0.030" thick sheet, more or less ... try Home Depot)
- Screws (Two to four #12 or bigger pan head)

- Tin Snips/Shears
- File (fine, flat)
- Drill/bits


1) Strip the thin cardboard off someone's notepad ... they don't really need it.

2) Take the GoPro flat bracket and see where it can best rest against your helmet chin guard so you can measure how long the bracket sides will need to be to reach back and attach to the sides of the helmet. Mine had some useless plastic piece over the chin vent so I removed it to get a flatter surface. If you don't have a vent there or don't want to "deface" your precious helmet, you just have to use two mounting screws on each side to keep it from pivoting with the weight of the cam.

3) Put the flat mount bracket in the middle of the cardboard and trace around it. Draw an oversized estimate of what you think that the bracket needs to look like, cut it out, then start fine-tuning the shape against the front and sides of the helmet. Remember to leave the sides long enough to get two screws on each side if you want the best stability. Make sure that you can conform the metal sides to get them flat against the contour of your helmet where you want to screw-attach it.

4) Transfer your pattern to the metal, cut it out, file the sharp edges then fit/contour it against the helmet. Get the screw-mounting surfaces flat against the helmet and mark the bracket where you want to drill.

5) DRILL THE BRACKET HOLES FIRST! After that, snug the metal bracket in place and mark the helmet through the already-drilled holes in the bracket. Drill holes in only one side of the helmet first then screw attach it. Now you can pull the other side of the bracket snug in place and see how you want to bias your drilled hole to ensure it "pulls" the bracket against the chin. Drill the rest of the holes, screw it, done.

6) Stick-on the GoPro mount and go riding...

1 Under Chin.jpg

2 Side.jpg

3 Front.jpg

4 Insert Cam.jpg

5 Front Cam.jpg

6 Side Cam.jpg