Engine Golan Fuel Filter

Here is a replacement filter for the crappy stock fuel injector filter. This filter goes into the fuel line and you remove the stock one. I was installing one on my bike and figured I would shoot a video of it first.

Thanks for the vid! My bro and I have been looking into getting these for our KTM 350 exc's. Is it a 10 or 20 Micron? Also where did you order yours from?
So the fuel filter can basically put in ANYWHERE on the fuel line? Did you remove the standard inline fuel filter as well while keeping the golan as a secondary?
I believe the husky has the filter in the tank. I didnt take the fuel pump out so I now have two filters. There is not an inline fuel filter on my bike or one in front of the injector. And to answer your question yes the filter can go anywhere in the line.