Generator help

Well...On 4-19... My town and neighboring towns had a massive tornado.. Winds.. Or whatever they want to call it.. Its taken out our power for around 30 hours or so now... They say its going to be 5-7 days.. I have a full freezer full of meat.. And fridge that im trying to save... And i also have sleep apnea.. And have to have a machine while i sleep... My house is all jacked up.. (not bad).. But lost some siding and trees fugged up my wheel chair ramp and steps on the front porch

Bigass branches all in my boat.. moved it about 20 feet also..Put a few scratches on my truck... Threw one of my dirt bikes into a field...

Now.. Im going to try to rent.. buy..or borrow a generator... Im broke as a joke right now.. But i would rather spend my money on something that will help me in the future... My home is paid for.. And is fully insured.. Im not going to file a claim at the moment.. unless i come across more damange.. I aint been able to get after the damage yet.. Cant get off work ...I might have a change tomorow to get away from work... I work at a coal mine and powers been all messed up here also

So i have a good size deep freeze and fridge... and a oxygen machine.. All three at 110 outlets... but im sure they all 3 pull a good bit of power... Would also like to have a gene that would run a few lights also..

How big will i need...... I know absolutly nothing about them ... If i bought a used one im sure i could get it running... If the generator part actually worked... Ive seen a couple on craigslist for 2-300 ..but they look sketchy..
This is the crap i pulled off my truck


This is a mobile home of my buddys we was going to put on his property this summer.. i moved it from where he bought it to my property while he got his property set up for it.. This picture is while i was moving it to my backyard... few months ago


This is what it looks like now

Also...If you got some extra room in your prayers.. Say a prayer for everyone that doesnt have insurance.. I dont think anyone in the town i live in got hurt.. But theres tons of homes destroyed..

I do maintence on a ladys car in the town i live in and it moved her house off the foundation....

My sister bought a new home a few years ago and sold her old property and trailer to a couple that had very limited funds .. Gave them a good deal on it.. And they have a new born and 2.. 5 year old twin girls...And a tree went through there master bedroom..
Gop get the same genny Jackson got... cheap:thumb:and its good too!:thumb:
Its a Champion and my buddy uses one to power his entire house during storms... Look for Jacksons thread with the links.

keeping the world in our prayers now... seems like shit is hitting the fan the world over...:thumb:
That sucks what happened to your home, friends trailer and all the others who suffered damage. Getting a good generator will be the way to go and there is some good advice on the link above. If your not running A/C's and microwaves you can get by with one that is a bit smaller but if I were you I would get a larger one so you can have the power just in case. I had to use the generator in my motor home once to power my home refrigerator and freezer when the power was off for a day or two and it was fine. Good luck with everything you got going on, my thoughts are with you. :thumb:
you have paypal bob ? if so let me now the addy and i can send ya a couple bucks... its not a lot but i can spare a little and im sure you could use it right now. let me know
One thing about the relative cheapie generators. They don't last all that long. Most will only go a few hundred hours. In a week you will use a good part of it's life. That's also why you don't want to get one that has been run too much. Be sure to maintain it. I'm thinking that you will need to replace the oil every day if you are going 24/7.

Everything in that thread applies. The freezer and fridge might only take 500 watts or so while running, but anything with a compressor requires a big surge of 1000 or more watts to start. Don't get anything smaller than 3000 or 3500 watts. I was given a 1000 watt genny and the thing is pretty much useless. I never tried it, but I doubt it would run my fridge or my freezer.

Good luck and I'm sure that everyone here will be pulling for you.
Thanks guys.. They have the power on to some of the town... But They say they might have to shut it back off for some reason.. I worked my ass off today getting my home back together and I didnt even know my sisters home had damage... But i got mine done..Porch fixed..underpinning..Sideing... One section of sideing was busted all to crap... I had to take the klx:ride:...Out in the field for like an hour looking for a section i was missing... Finally found it.. all busted to crap.. So its got a patch section in it .. It looks alittle funky .. But i can worry about that after this rain were supposed to be gettin.. Some farmer told me were going to get 7 inches of rain in the next few days...FML...

My sisters home .. She lost a BIGGG Weeping willow tree...huge tree... Roots and all I still havent got it all cut up and hauled away yet.. My chainsaw ran out of fuel.. and i had so much other crap to do i wasnt driving 30 mins for gas.. Got everything done about an hour and a half ago... My moms freind owns a bar and she invited us over (diff town with power) ..And she cooked us a big mean... First good meal since monday lol... Thats when i got the call the power was on.. .. And i headed straight home for a hott shower.. and to flip every switch i could find:rant:,,,

Thank you all......... If they kill the power tonight .. Im headed straight to tsc .. Even if i have to mug someone in the parking lot to pay for it lol..
you have paypal bob ? if so let me now the addy and i can send ya a couple bucks... its not a lot but i can spare a little and im sure you could use it right now. let me know
Thanks man.. Im pretty sure i got all my ducks in a row.. Things are looking better.. Somewhat... You are a good dude no matter what you throw at me.

Thanks kyle
Thanks man.. Im pretty sure i got all my ducks in a row.. Things are looking better.. Somewhat... You are a good dude no matter what you throw at me.

Thanks kyle

i might talk a little shit in chat once in a while but thats only to the people i like :P
I just saw this now as I was camping in the dez. How is it all working out for you now? We had a power outage for a day about about a month ago after 4+ feet of snow and it sucked. It went off about 10 pm and was off for nearly 24 hours. I too have sleep apnea and a CPAP. That first night without power sucked hard and I hardly slept as I choked all night. The next day I fired up the genny off of the motorhome to power a fridge, freezer, tv and of course my CPAP. How did you deal with the no CPAP issue?
Well.. Things are alot better.. We had no power for 3 days..They said we had over 115mph straight line winds .I got the house all back together.. Didnt last long we had another storm just a couple days ago and ripped some more sideing down.. And im at work right now and were getting hammerd again.. If we loose power im headed straight to buy a genie..Worst 3 nights ive slept in a few years. I tried to sleep as little as possible it just killed me to sleep...

They just evacuated a town near me due to flooding ..And the town i live in just started sand bagging .. There no way my home is going to get flooded..