I've used both, they suck. I am using Bittorrent and getting my torrents from The Pirate Bay. Which you are just downloading from a site onto the program. You can download full music albums, movies, shows, etc. I would recommend reading up on it on the Pirate bay forum first, so you know all about it.
I use Frostwire and it's pretty much the same as Limewire. I suggest it, you just gotta be smarter than the spammers. When you type in a song title, leave the last word off of it. This will pick up the viruses and the mp3's. The viruses will have it named exactly like you typed in, only download the MP3 files that have the full song title (song title including the word you left out).

Oh and, don't download "Betty's Big Black Butt Adventures" or any of the like. :banana:
if you guys want a solid way to DL stuff PM me and i will get you a invite to a private site... the thing is tho you have to keep a good ratio... so when you DL you have to leave your prog like Utorrent up for a bit so you can upload as well.

let me know ill hook ya up.