Freestone Pics

Okay here are some pics of the race. I think the girls are better. To each their own... :smirk:

Barcia trying to get going. I like the kid. He had a rough day. Never really competed for the lead.

Chad... Hmm. Not really a fan. But, the man is fast.

It was just Dungey's day.

The roosting could get pretty bad coming out of this corner.

Chad removing a tear off. Sorry guys, didn't feel like cropping or enlarging the pic. Getting lazy in my old age.
Some more...

Two different lines in the corner.

Same corner... a moment later.

Dungey getting the front end up.


Wilson... I think??

Chad and Dungey.
A couple more. Then I will be done boring everyone.

One more of Chad. I know, I know. For not being a Chad fan I sure have allot of him.

They were throwing some mean whips off this jump. Of course I didn't catch any.

Plumber picture... Showing some crack :smirk:

Pourcell... One fast french man.

Didn't feel like photo "chopping" the pics. Just too lazy today. You get what you get.
Nices pics :thumb: There's another good reason why mx is better than mx, and that's because you can get closer to the action. I wish I would have went to watch Freestone. A local around here in missouri finished 21th in the 250 class.