Boots Fox Comp 5 Boots

I bought a pair of Fox Comp 5 boots before the race season. I only got maybe 2 or 3 desert races in on them before they started coming apart at the seams. On top of that, I cant keep the bottom buck from coming undone. The bucks are very cheap. It is too bad too, i really liked the feel of them and they required no break in time. I recently found some Moose M1 boots for very cheap and i think they will hold up better even though they take a little bit of break in. All in all im disapointed in the Comp5 boot and hope that Fox rethinks their design.
I unfortunately had a pair for a few weeks last year. Though I never had a problem with the buckles, almost every stitch came out of the boot. The sole is extremely weak and flexible, separating at the toe after 2 hours of use. The body of the boot is very flexible offering little to no protection at all. They also let any and all water in, soaking your feet even through the smallest puddle. I've always thought fox was crap, their boots didn't let me down, lol.
I currently have owned a pair for a year and they are still like new, with normal ware and a MX tread. I have noticed that comp 5 boots are pretty hit and miss. About 50 50, although, they are still a great entry level boot.