Fork bleeders

I need them for my bike, I just never have gotten around to order them. I always use a small screw driver to bleed mine when ever I can remember to.
I use the good ole screwdriver too but I would be interested in something like this. My forks always have pressure in them when I get to my riding spot yet I have never checked them after riding for the day. :thinking: This particular brand seems to stick up kind of high form the reviews.
Bad idea, they pop out too easy. One of my buddies took his forks in to get serviced, he stoped and they got hung up on the seatbelt and dumped fork oil all over his car. Another buddy laid his bike down, broke one of them off and dumped all of his fork oil all over the track. Just the 2 I remember, it happens frequently.
my problem is I can't always find my little screw driver or it is nowhere around when I think about bleeding them. I think I am going to modify my bar pad so that it fits inside it so I know where it is and have it on my bike so when I do think about it.... bamm there it is.
Have had them on my bike for a few years. Seem to work great and never have had any problems. Releasing the pressure on them thar forks is a good thing. :thumb:
I have them on my 92 RM 250 for a couple of years now. I havent had to replace my fork seals yet. I have however replace my fork oil 2 times during that 2 years. I like them. Havent had any issues with them. When I load the bike into the truck and after Ive strapped it down I give them a little tap and release the pressure. I think they have prolonged my fork seal life.
i couldnt open the link but i have ran for bleeders and love them i normally am to lazy or forget to bleed mine until i got them havent had any problems out of them.
link no work but im assuming it just adds the lttle air nozzle thing so you can bleed em without a screwdriver ?

seems like a lazy persons product to me if in fact that is all it does.