Forest Ride 12/12/2010

slowerthanu, KTMRack, Mooney, Jethro 1, Gnarly_carl, and 5 others riders......

This is the first video of the day.

I am working on all of the videos. I have had a hell of a time trying to load the first video because it is 15 minutes long.

More to follow.
I know it scared the crap out of me and I shut it down before I got out of control :thumb:

ps. don't tell CDA he will want to race!
Too Late.:devil: I think I heard you huffing and puffing on the first vid after 20 seconds...:smirk: Hey when I make it back out, I will be really slow..
man i really need to get back up there! the only time i've gone i spent all of 5 minutes riding :bonk: stupid quadtard and newbie rider making me ride they're bikes half the time cause they were too scared! I wonder how James would handle riding there... :smirk: