Exhaust FMF Powercore4 forTTR125 ( non spark arrestor)

What is it? FMF Powercore4 one piece exhaust!
How is it? It rocks! :thumb:

I recently bought a new FMF exhaust for my Yamaha TTR125L. at $155 including shipping I couldnt pass up the deal. Well I did install it today and its great. It took more time to gather the 3 sockets and 1 ratchet I needed than it did to install. Total time was 23 mins including gathering tools for this little project and another 10 mins jetting the bike.
I went up 1 size on both the pilot and the main and it really woke this bike up. Throttle response was crisper, bike seemed to rev out a little more over all and it does feel quicker coming out of turns.
I would also like to mention that the sound quality is excellent and it is just slightly louder than stock but with a deeper ruble when in the mid range.
For me this was an excellent deal and well worth the price. I use this bike for back yard SX only.
Vet B rider. MX/SX