flywheel holder...

anyone have any slick ideas how i can hold my flywheel in place so i can loosen the bolt without shelling out $40 for a stupid damn holder? i've heard everything from putting the bike in gear to putting a block of wood in between the case and the counterbalancer. thing is i have my cams out so putting it in gear isn't going to do much... so i'm thinking i might try the block of wood in the counterbalancer unless someone can give me a reason not to :noidea:
one of those cheap belt holder tools/pipe wrench with a belt, things can sometimes work. Get them at the discount auto parts store for cheap, or Harbor freight. I use and air impact for the bolt and the proper puller for the FWW.
The rear break thing can work. Put the trans in fifth gear and give it a try. The problem is your clutch might slip before the bolt comes loose. I used the wood in between crank and balancer/cases method last week on my XR600 and it worked great to torque the flywheel bolt down. I used a pneumatic impact to remove it and I just held it with my hand. Got to love those rattle guns.

You absolutely must have the flywheel puller. No way to get the flywheel off without one.
yeah i ordered a flywheel puller along with my cam chain guide and other misc items, just didn't see how i could justify spending $40 on a freaking sprocket/fw holder. i used the belt type oil filter wrench last week when my friend was here and he rushed me around but it was his and i really didn't want him to come back down to "help" again. i like the dude and everything but i'm not rushing through my bike just to suit his needs. that's what happened in the first damn place. but anyway, my father is lending me his so i'll just use it for now until i can find a reasonable priced holder. i mean really! $40!!! that's just way too much for the tool and all the more i'll use it. got a decent fw puller though for about $12 can't beat that. hell the holder is almost as much as the torque wrench i have my eye on. thanks guys
finally got the little sob off(the nut that is, still waiting for my flywheel puller). the filter wrench didn't work. i just couldn't get enough leverage between it and the socket wrench by myself. what i did was cut a small piece of dowel rod about 2" long and put in between the balancer thingy and the piece of case right in front of the front cam chain guide and snugged it up till i could let go of the dowel then slowly turned the nut off making sure i wasn't damaging anything...

I have this plastic thing that threads into the spark plug hole.
Piston comes to rest against it and will not move.
heres a clutch holding tool for $16.99 if you go over 100 bucks on an order the shipping is free as well.
just type clutch holding tool in the search. its the tusk brand