Filter Skins

Ive been using the Filter skins for 2-3yrs or so now. 3 to a pack, put it over your filter and remove at the end of the day and put the next one on. After the 3rd is dirty clean the air filter and start over. My original sets are starting to look worn now, but still work. I rode a very dusty Cal to Nev 3 day ride and used this method and got thru all 3 days with one filter, 125-135 a day, used them on both bikes.

For $15 bucks its worth the savings filter oil and cleaner as well as your time.:thumb:Gives more time to:ride:
I use the and agree with Mike. At first I was cleaning the filter at the same time the skin was dirty.The Filter was still clean and figured what a waste of time and oil.Just throw another skin on.:thumb:
Alright, I have to admit...everytime I look over and see what's new I see filter SKINS and think it says FOUR SKINS.......:devil: sorry!