Employee of the Year

This is for Onelugnut :smirk: A few years ago, I sent out a fake Memo to staff - naming myself as "Employee of the Year" I have changed the names to protect the innocent. We had lots of laughs and I got some flac. :smirk: Here it is:

FROM ############ TO All Staff

DATE 2006 01 11


After an extensive search for the past several months, Naturaledge has been named the recipient of the first “Employee of the Year” award. While several other very capable employees were considered for the award, it really wasn’t a fair foot-race with N-edge displaying the kind of leadership, determination, devotion and business acumen that is rarely, if ever, seen today. Angie, a colleague of N-edge’s, had this to say, “N-edge has literally transformed our department into a highly efficient and fun workplace to be. He is truly one of the most amazing people that I have ever met. He is never too busy to share a laugh or to offer some well timed sage advice on anything from religion to fashion to the culinary arts. Next to the New York Fire Department, N-edge is my hero.” Suzette, another Co-worker added, “The guy is just simply amazing – I don’t know what else to say!” Karolyn, who works closely with N-edge, offered, “I really wasn’t sure about my move to ####, but then I found out that I would be working with the legendary N-edge and I literally fainted I was so happy!” When asked to comment, Mary-Louise didn’t hesitate to add, “Let’s just put it this way, in a different time and place, N-edge would have been tops on my list for catch of a lifetime, if you know what I mean!” Andrea, a part-time employee, who also works closely with N-edge, reflected for a moment and then thoughtfully added, “What can I say, although I have really enjoyed my days off with my family, since N-edge joined our Department, I desperately want to come back full time – need I say more?”

When asked to comment on all of the fuss, N-edge offered in his typical unassuming and humble manner, “While I am very, very, very accustomed to receiving individual accolades and awards, my real pleasure is derived from bringing so much pleasure to my fellow co-workers. I applaud them all!”

I am confident you will all join me in showing our respect for N-edge by addressing him as “Sir” in the future.

:lol::clap: that took some nerve, depending on the personalities you work with. Not everyone "gets" humor. I personally love it:thumb: It's damn funny and well written.