Elizabeth Taylor

1932 - 2011

Rest in piece girlfriend.She was a beautiful woman.

We have lost most if not all of the most famous national and American Icons. John Wayne,John Lenon,Patrick Swayze,Michael Jackson,James Stewart and Dean Elvis Presley,John Denver a few great news reporters and many more great stars and American heros that I can't even remember at the moment. The last one I can't even remember but if I asked my kids at the young age of 18 they would say the same thing. "who"

The Fact of the matter is our nation or life styles were formed around these Great Icons wether you remember them or not and are 20 or 70yrs of age. It's scary that these folks are gone and the younger generations will never know these heros.( M J is not a hero but none the less a Icon for the record.) What else is scary is that there isn't anymore American heros Like JW and the likes and there is no one these days that will even hold a candle to these great folks. It sure ain't Emiem.

Good Bless Ms Taylor.
She was pretty painted up and barley hanging on in her middle to later years. I think this was in her intervention days. She was beautiful in her younger years and looked alot better in her final years then that time period. Those are the years I remember too.
RIP Ms Taylor...

I agree, She was a beautiful woman...
I also agree that we don't have icons today like we had in the yesteryears.. The closest I can think of is Bono, but he keeps all his humanitarian work quiet mostly...

John Wayne, James Cagney, Robert Mitchum, Jimmy Stewart, Erol Fynn, Rita Hayworth, Humphrey Bogart, Bing Crosby, Steve McQueen... just to name a few....
I was lucky... I caught my son in an off moment on a nasty rainy snowy ice cold weekend and we wtched 20 different classic movies... He is now a huge fan of the Stooges, The Duke, Clint Eastwood, Laurel and Hardy and many more... he prefers a A John Wayne movie over cartoons or video games...:thumb:
We still have Clint, but it is true what you say. No one will ever fill the shoes of those great people. It makes me realize how fast life goes by as I have seen them all on the screen and now they are gone. Ride while I can. :ride:
i wont argue whe was a hottie in her prime but that was way before my time .. i only knew her as the crazy makeup lady... regardless RIP

ohh and BTW ...
definitely hottie back then