Other Edelbrock Pumper Carbs

Anyone else running an Eddie? There is lots of info regarding jetting for "regular" carbs, no so much for Edelbrock - even though the jetting is much simpler.
But still looking to compare needle size, A/P settings, low idle click settings etc.
I put one on my stock engine '06 XR650L; but it's benn so long, I don't remember the settings. I believe I used the #19 needle but can't recall the number of clicks on the adjustment screw. I didn't have to adjust the pump setting; I played with it and the stock setting seemed to work best. I did open up the airbox, installed a K&N filter (don't do much offroad with it) and put on a White Bros. slip-on pipe. It runs just a bit rich; but seems to make good power and is so much better than than stock POS carb.