Dual sport/Green sticker question

people at DMV dont know shit and each one you ask has a different opinion on any given day, they also dont enforce the law, dont have to go to court to explain it, etc, they are clerks with little training or schooling

and regarding the law in the courts on this topic, they must first cite you for a certain section of the VC to get to court, so you then look up the section and see how it does or does not apply

Just get a plate and ride and dont worry.
yea the DMV staff is not the brightest of people. I had them get my name wrong on a title transfer even tho the lady was holding my drivers license at the time. Then i took my M1 permit test and they didnt even give me the motorcycle test just the regular drivers one. :doh:

the shitty thing is they have lots of power and can knock lots of stuff off if you need. So always been hella nice to them or they can fuck you but like mike said they dont enforce that law so jsut get what you want done and leave.