All Dove Springs: Nov 13-14 2010

OK... we are gonna make this a bike only intermediate and up ride Saturday. I like to head South into Redrock and get into Black Rock Canyon and Last Chance heading into the El Pasos. But from there I am open wherever you guys wanna go. We can loop through Spangler... hit some single track near Husky or elsewhere... whatever ! I'll be plated and about 100 miles between gas stops so I'm flexible.

Lets keep it a small fun group. There are 2 of us now.

Who's in ? Where do you wanna ride ?
We have a couple guys interested in a West Bound beginner to intermediate trail ride as well. Post up if this is the ride for you. :thumb:

So there will be two ride groups Sat. One a more agressive ride that I will be the weak link. And the other a more casual trail ride heading West into Dove Springs and places unknown. :ride: