Do you pack Heat?


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you can carry jsut not concealed and there is rules and what not about having to keep ammo in speerate compartments while in a vehicle but ive gona out to the hills to shoot and ran into sherrifs and never had a issue with my registered guns. Never been messed with by a ranger when i had it in my backpack in rual areas tho so i dont know about that but you know what i dont really care... im more concerned about my safety then any law anyway.
I'd rather be tried by 12, then carried by 6. :thumb:
I pack heat!:devil:

jsut to clarify for everyone... this is what CDA considers the "HEAT"


the man really likes his bike and stand to be shinny as possible at all times.
So after we ran into a Drug operation while deer hunting we got a little spooked. I have always packed my .44 in the truck or boat but rarely pack anything when I ride. After the drug operation we ran into I'm now looking at a Beretta 9mm to pack while I'm riding. I have shot pistol comp for years so that is nothing new but packing is going to be a little different. My cousin teaches firearm training and few other classes with the pistols I figure I would take for the knowledge and then pick up my Concealed weapons permit. Never know who your going to run into in the boonies. Anyone else packin? If so what and how to you pack it riding? I'm thinking under arm. I packed my 44 this weekend that way and it was pretty comfortable just not sure if i can do it when I get my chest protector.

Yes. If you're in Idaho you should carry because everyone else does. Idaho allows out-of-state as well.
I have several that I carry from time to time. I have a thing about 1911's. But I dont carry one. One of the most reliable, feed anything guns I have in 45 acp is a Taurus. Small enough to conceal. holds 10, and frosty or dirty it always works. Horrible trigger and you wont like it at the range, but for stuff under 20 feet I feel better carrying it than the other stuff I own. All that said if I am carrying at work it is a ruger 380 that rides on my ankle. Hopefully it could turn a bad social situation into a better one for me.
Social situations in Anchorage get that heated? And I thought heat pissed people off, guess it's just extreme hot or cold.
However, cold makes you run slow without proper radiator fluid, and to much fluid can raise the social bar... :smirk: