Amatuer race team????

Is there a dirt bike race team? if so i would like to start one, there arent that many people here and we should be sticking together there should be more bikes with dirt bike addicts stickers at races and tracks.
-57R :ride:
CDA jokingly started the team with sticker placement and i quickly followed suit.... my bike looks like i would race for DBA but i dont race i just like to have fun at the track...


Well even though DBA is not paying my entries (:thinking:) when I do roll up to the start line, I will be sporting the DBA logo. No DBA on the front fender though since Simi Cycles does help me out, but I will find other clever areas to sport some love for the guys & Girls here.

Here is what they will see when I am running sweep...:smirk:

hmmmmmmmm I got my stickers last week! from DBA..... still waiting on CDA's CTR stickers. Too bad my dumbas.... brothers lost the mail key!! :rant: :foul: now I have to get a copy... I'm down to start racing again
Well I'm no racer but I ordered my stickers and I will put them on my swing arms so everyone can see them in all my trail riding shots.