Dirt Bike women acknowledged, FINALLY!


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Thanks Monkey.
I live in a sort of affluent area and there are a lot of girly girl women around here ie..plastic, made up non-riders. The Starbucks around the corner from my house has tables out front. I like to park my bike in a dirt patch under a big oak tree on the side of the bldg.. One day I came rolling in sort of fast and was headed for my usual parking place under the tree, which meant I had to ride right towards a table with some ladies around it and hop the curb on the side of them. Well...a couple of them freaked and jumped up and ran thinking I was headed for their table :lol: I acted like I didnt even notice, parked and walked in the side door. A man got in line behind me and said "that was great! Did you see those ladies jump?" I said with my :devil:grin, "oh did they? Opps!"
:lol::cry::lol::cry::lol: Priceless

Gotta say you have seem good stories, keep em coming. :thumb:
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Yea...I dont drink:naughty:THAT stuff YOUR talking about, it makes you:devil: crazy!
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:lol: So that's where that picture came from, it was floating around TTT for a while. Speaking of which, whatever happened to Irish Hill/Peter?

He is a big fag and doesn't post anymore for whatever reason. The pics bring back some good memories for sure. Can't wait till this Thanksgiving where it will be the "DBA Turkey Day Extravaganza". :thumb: