Dirt Bike Thief SHOT, Bike is OK

Dumbass punks got what they deserved.



exactly, if anything of mine ever gets stolen i am out looking for it for days after it happened. My last mountain bike to get stolen ended up in the St joe river :picard: everything on it was destroyed when i found out about it over a year later
"Between them, the four suspects have been arrested 10 times this year.":shocked: Maybe they should get a clue that they are not meant of this occupation..


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pieces of shit:foul::rant::bleep::finger::mad:
thats why i bought a shot gun
:devil: I'm old school, a .40 double tap to the chest and one in the noggin = :Dead: :shocked: oops did I say that out loud...my bad. :devil:

Don't attempt to take my stuff that I've worked so hard for and we won't have any issues. :thumb: