250F Desert tank for 2007 yamaha wr 250f

my bike has the Clarke tank on it and its done me good so far. 3.6 gallons...
I like the IMS tanks too as they seem to be a little lower profile at the top of the tank. Either or is good though and Clarke cost a little less. One thing I do know is look at ebay as you can really save some money instead of going right to a web store. I think it's Tanks r us has good deals and is in Vista Ca and are on ebay. I got my 450 tank for 100.00 less from them on ebay and just went and picked it up.
That WR should get pretty good mileage with the tank that is on it and it has reserve.What size is it ? 2.5 or 2.8 with reserve. Good for 80-100 miles. If It's a 2.5 a 3.2 is not a hole heck of a lot more.
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i want a blue tank tho , BLUE dammit those cheep basterds hehe
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Right now he has a range of 70 miles before going to reserve.

Hhhm thats pretty close I road my bike pretty hard and got 86 miles before I even hit reserve. That said my bike is 100% stock and its an 08 WR250. I figure I have 120 miles of riding. This is a great thread as I'm looking at putting a bigger tank also. I would like a range of 200 miles.