Desert ride out behind my house.

Well the weather man only had one thing correct. It was a little chilly out low 50's. But mostly sunny.
We started from my house.

Took a small break and my brother takes the lead we end up at a hill climb that I just wont waste my time with anymore. We get to the hill climb area and my brother is like well lets go. Im like. Nope. You go ahead I'll wait here. Besides it only goes to the top and to trails to follow.

So we turn around and go where I really wanted to go anyway. Out into Hungry Valley. Its mostly sandy washes with one that is very rocky for a little way. We make it out to the indian reservation road and I stopped the camera because its just a boring transit and a waste of memory on the SD card.

Made it acrossed the valley and I wish Id have had my helmet camera on because both of us nearly took a mud bath. Fortunately all we did was go out into the sage brush. We came over a little rise in the road and there was a huge puddle. Only thing that saved us was we were on the side of the dirt road. Anyway this is where the riding starts getting better

Pick a Trail and follow. Alrighty then.

Back to the mountains we just left. My brother was looking for a specific sand wash that we never found.Up to BBQ point first. And its not what you think as in cooking food. Ask CDA he can tell you more about BBQ.

Mostly across the valley now looking for this bad ass wash to go climb. Really whooped out single tracks and Im starting to get a little tired. Arm pump and just general fatigue. I hate blazing my own trail. We did finally find that wash but by the time we found it we had just left it and I was running low on gas and didnt want to turn around and go down it to record it.

One last trail run and I ran out of memory and nearly out of gas.

Fortunately I did make it home with out having to be towed so it was a good thing. The weather and company was fantastic. The riding was EPIC. I only wish it had rained on Saturday like the weather man had said it was going to the trails would have been a little more sticky.
Cool videos. :thumb: I'm glad to see you missed that rock that took you out before.:moon:

If it wasn't the same one I saw there was another one he barely missed...2nd video when he cut the trail...rrrriiiiiggggghhhhhttt next to it! Other than that...nice vid's! :ride:
What is it with you guys being worried about me and the ROCKS?? Jeese you center punch one rock and damn near kill yourself, tell the forum about it.:thinking: Hmmmmmm Note to self. Keep your dirt naps a secret!