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Heading to Death Vally in the morning for 4 days of Dual Sport riding on the boat anchor.
Gotta check out what all the fuss is about. KTMRack keeps terrorizing me to go down and "ride" the desert. Pretty sure he means the KTM though. Personally, I'm going to work on my tan, temps in the low 80's:banana:If it really sucks, I'm going to head across the border and gamble!
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Hey I saw a really good documentry on the history channel or something on the valley. Very very good stuff and way interesting. The valley actually has alot of water under it. The water that comes to the surface is undrinkable but there are several areas that are straight down caves that access tonage of underwater caves that are diveable(not to the public I believe, atleast the one with the fish).This is pretty far down there. The water is drinkable to the pureist. The water caves at mile 51 is where a rare fish lives and access is locked up good. This little fish is the only one of it's kind and is found no where else.It's a very tiny blue fish that looks like a cichlid or a damsel. It has only seen darkness it's whole life yet is colored instead of albino like. They are school fish and number less than a couple hundred I think they said and the population seems to be falling. Very neat.:thumb:
That sand dunes there look to be pretty nice.:ride: Don't think you can ride on them though.:smirk:
Actually make a fairly loud humming noise when the wind is shiffting them or a large amount of sand is moved my humans sliding down it or a vehicle. they have a special name for the dunes and how this phenomana happens. I think it was air or heat pockets between cold and wet sand ? :thinking:

There are mountains there that get snow. :rolleyes: Very neat place! Have fun on your ride! :thumb:

Devils hole and the Pup fish.

Singing sand dunes.
Love that place in the winter. Last time I was there the lake had water up to the road.
Have a great time, be safe. You are riding with others, right?
Love that place in the winter. Last time I was there the lake had water up to the road.
Have a great time, be safe. You are riding with others, right?
Yeah, it's a yearly thing on another forum. First time for me though.
Leaving in an hour or so. Waiting for the commuters and the fog.
It is a nice trip on bikes around Death Valley. I rode my Harley over there last October and it was 103. I never knew about the water that lies underneath the valley, nor the Devil Hole and fish. Very interesting. :thinking:
Made it back yesterday afternoon. GREAT time. The weather in DV was great. No wind, temps were perfect. Went to all the cool places, Scotty's Castle, Tea kettle Junction, the Racetrack, Chloride Cliffs, Ubehebe Crater, actually went over Lippicot (terrible descent), pass, bunch of places I can't remember, very cool.
On the way home started picking up heavy wind around Panamint Springs, started raining the other side of Tehachapi until about 15 miles from home, 140-150 miles or so. Stopped twice because it was so heavy I couldn't see 100yds.Death Valley 032.jpgDeath Valley 010.jpg Death Valley 029.jpgDeath Valley 022.jpgDeath Valley 042.jpgDeath Valley 052.jpg