Other Dear Ktm Pilot,

We're very pleased that you've chosen a KTM and would like to express our sincerest thanks for the confidence you've placed in us.
What makes a KTM special is its direct connection to the world of motorsports.
Packed into your KTM are each and every one of the 170+ KTM World Championship titles and every one of the KTM Dakar victories of the past 50 years.. And we don't just mean in an abstract sense. We mean literally. Tangibly. in the overall design, in the engine, in the workmanship, in the high-end components, in every bolt-in the entire motorcycle.
The sporting spirit is the essence of every KTM. We call it "Ready to Race". But you dont have to be on the track to experience it. It is much more mindset
You'll soon experience it for yourself. And we're sure you'll have a lot of fun doing so!

Sporty Regards,
The people responsible for developing and building your KTM.

P.S.: One last word of wisdom for anyone riding their KTM for the first time:
Picture a kitchen knife. Not one of the old ones that you use to squash tomatoes, but a gleaming, high-performance precision tool, hand-forged by people who have done nothing else for the past 50 years. If you have used such a knife before, you'll want to be very careful for the first few days.
You know what we're trying to say

That came on the back of a poster with my bike... that last part cracks me up. :lol: