All DBA T-Day Ride

Don't worry Short Stack (James), I'll keep an eye on things around here while you are gone...:devil: I'm sure between Jackson and myself, we can wreck some havoc,,,err I mean make a few good changes...

Right on CDA, I got some ideas, but the site won't be PG13 anymore:devil: , so we have to figure out a way to disable the youngsters. :smirk:
Prep work still underway. Will depart upon James arrival at fat.

You standing out front with a cardboard sign that says "James" on it... :smirk:

Well front fender, rear tire and tube put on and frame polished out... Tomorrow change the oil and filter and go for a test spin :thumb:
I posted this in the member quote thread as well. It is a conversation of sorts between CDA and Rock Monster discussing the "geekslide":lol:

This is where I can say I am really fast, becuase I can't prove myself wrong

Rock Monster:
I bet I could line up about 5 people and jump over them going donw the geekslide. :smirk:

I was thinking, that I could go up the slide and pop off the top lip, 180 the bike in air and come down in a no hander

Rock Monster:
I think I could do it with Weathergeek on the back of my bike. :devil:

I could snatch rack's camera out of his hand while in my 180, hit him with my back tire, and take dirt nap of Rack falling down the slide

Also i will have short stack, I mean james in my backpack

:smirk: :lol: