All DBA T-Day Ride

everyone post up the dates they are going... i'm leaning towards leaving thursday night to head down there but i don't want you all to be wore out already... :smirk:
Perfect you will be right on time for the big race!!!!!!
As said before, I will be out there Sunday mid day till the following Saturday. The first look at weather brings us a storm sometime this coming Friday or Saturday lasting a day or two with snow levels down to 4000'. We shall see though as it is a ways off.


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nice! looks like i'm gonna miss you though if i go thursday...
I haven't decided whether I'll make friday or saturday a day trip. I only live 2 hours away, so making it out again (for a second helping) is in the cards. I just don't want to make promises I can't keep!!! -BIG DAN:thumb: