2 Stroke Cr85 stressing me out

My cr85 is losing power on top. You can feeln it just revving and not going anywhere .similar feeling to powervalves not opening. Has great snappy bottom. Raising front wheel easily. I have tried rejetting leaner or richer in the main gets nogood change.

I have swapped full electrical from a good working 04 cr85 ( cdi plug coil stator flywheel) still falling off at full throttle.

New oem crank seals ( ign and clutch side)installed as well . Air filter cleaned reoiled. Sprocket sized oem spec. Gas mixed 32 to 1.

New oem clutch kit installed both (plates and springs)

Pressure tested no leaks.

Bike starts easily 2 to 3 kicks cold.1 to 2 warm.

New vforce3 reeds

Tried different carb with off another cr85

Help please


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Not sure the problem.
You are referring to when WOT at higher RPM and the engine is...

Falling on it's face sharply at WOT? (possibly lean main)
Burbling and not accelerating anymore at WOT? (possibly rich needle/main)
Engine revs higher and higher, but no forward acceleration at WOT? (Clutch cable not adjusted properly, slipping clutch at RPM)

-BIG DAN:thumb:
I have a new oem clutch kit and new springs. Cable is adjusted with alot of room for engagement.

When a richer jets are use.bike sputters and never reaches the same rpm. Leaner jets doesnt help