cotton Cloth vs mesh plastic poly air filter cover dirt mini bike

I have this type of exposed ribbed cylindrical air filter on my tillotson 212 stage 1 kits mega moto 212 mini bike. It came with the mesh type sock/cover shown in photo. I think I say in some youtube video or something that either cloth or mesh is better for muddy/rainy/dusty conditions but that the cloth restricts air flow more. Which is best for Mud? Rain? Dust?

this is actually saying the mesh is better in rain as it repels water but is maybe treated with something making it better than the ~$5 gopowersports sells

Also, should I oil/wash my main inner filter type or just tap it out now and then and possibly replace it just after a couple uses in very dusty conditions?
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I pull mine off and clean them every ride or so. If you ride in sand or mud or rain, I'd clean it every ride.
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