Cool Indian Dunes info website


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Good find Coolidge :thumb: Buckrun will be like a kid in the candy store, when he sees all that vintage stuff. :P

I still can't get over the "no chin bar" helmets. :lol: But hey in 20-40 years bikes will probably have eject buttons or air bags. (or be completely outlawed) :foul:
Aw the good ole Indian Dune days. I use to drop into the wash by Seco and Bouquet and ride my IT175 all the way to the Dunes, bum gas ride all day, bum more gas and ride the wash back home....Fun times..
Im digging the pic of Mouse McCoy w/his Dad on a Indian. I blew up my Indian 80 on the International track. Also fun was Shadow Glen track, flat tracking, that sand wash....Good times!
that stuff is cool, those bikes back then hauled ass from what i understand , they didn't have discbrakes or very good suspention but still had the speed.:thumb:
cooly thanx for posting that....i loved that place, and those are great pics and great memories of riding there with my dad and watching the f4u corsair's flying around from the ba ba blacksheep film set up on the plateau....