Anyone on here have a Net Book (those small, tiny laptops) on here. My son wants one for his belated graduation gift. Haven't seen too many great reviews on them. I was wondering if anyone could give me some real world feedback. Thanks in advance.
My mom got one of the 10.1 inch Acer netbooks and she hates it and hardly uses it. The processor is so small that it takes long to load everything. You would be better off buying a good size laptop.

My girlfriend has one and it does take a long time to load stuff. It makes you feel like you have an old computer and if you don't like staring at small screens, it really sucks. They will however do the job and do it well. Just not fast!


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I think James uses one as the admin of this site.
Yes I do have one, this one actually. Gateway LT2016u Netbook The only reason I got it was because my buddy didn't want it anymore, so I took it. It uses mobile broadband from Verizon Wireless on the road or WiFi at home. It's pretty speedy for web browsing and office stuff, but don't expect it to be able to run any games. The battery life is between 4-6 hours, depending on screen brightness and if you're using 3G from Verizon or WiFi. The only thing that bugs me about it is the small screen for internet use. I always view the browser in full screen mode, helps a little. But the size is nice, I can almost stick in my back pocket. :P
No one over 40 years old should have one. The screens are too small. :lol:

I'd want to make sure there is a couple of usb ports on anything I'd buy, maybe they all have that, dunno...
They are kind of a specialty device. They are not a replacement for a "normal" laptop by any means. They are small and light. They are low power and last a good time. Intel has come out with newer versions of the Atom CPU line that are faster. There is even a dual core. Those should be faster.

I got one of the Asus EEE versions for $149 on closeout. It only has a 4G solid state drive so it's pretty limited. I did have XP on it, but it was really slow to boot. I now have it on a Linux dist made for these devices and it is a lot better. It's actually pretty cool now. It's just so easy to carry along. Great for checking your email or surfing the web. I would hate to type extensively on the thing. The keys are just so tiny.
What Cleo said about the typing ^^^^. I have the 64 gig I-pad that I use for surfing the net when I can't get on our home machine. It is fast as heck. I like it to take out to the garage or the MH. It has its shortcomings to be sure. But at $800, it's a bargain :lol:.