125 Clutch not fully disengaging

I just picked up a Kawasaki kx125 2007 about a week ago and when i start it and warm it up for a little bit and pull the clutch in and push it down to 1st it shuts off and i put it in neutral and try again and same but if i give a little gas it goes in gear and if i roll a little bit and pull clutch back in and hold it for about 3-4 seconds it either dies or startd rolling a little bit ive tried adjusting the clutch lever a little bit but i feel like it isnt doing much all help needed.


Staff member
It is indeed the clutch cable adjustment. You want to tighten it up until that issue goes away. Make sure the bike is 100% warmed up and you've ridden it for 10 minutes before adjusting anything. A cold bike is different than a bike in use. -BIG DAN:thumb: