All Chupacabras sited in the woods again!!!

Very nice pics! I didnt know they had Chupacabras at KM:lol:I thought just in Baja.

Those are really great pics. I still havent had the pleasure of riding KM :cry:

I dont know what wets my appetitite more, your food pics or trail pics:thumb: They both make me hungry!
What is it with KTM's and water...check ou tpic 11 (I think) appears to be an orange number plate hence the possibility of it being a KTM pointed directly at a water crossing....:ride: :shocked: :moon:

Nice pics though...great post XRMarty

3 posts, new here? I remember seeing your sig on TT!
are those all from the same place?? there is a video with yall sittin around at camp and it looks like a killer place to camp, like the fir pit.:thumb:
Nice pics Marty. Looked like it was terriffic. Gotta watch out for KTMRack and CDA on here though. They like having their fudge packed on their lawn chairs:lol::thumb::prof:
:devil: I think I hear some jealousy.......:thinking: hmmm I just bought this new non-stick cooking spray and the can does not say anything about skin irritation...:thinking: