Changing out flat tubes in the middle of nowhere!!!!

Okay guys, what tools are you carrying and what methods do you use to change out flats while out in the middle of nowhere?
(Knock heavily and repeatedly on wood) K-rack, In all honesty, I have never, had a flat in the middle of no where but I always carry a couple of small tire spoons with me along with a bike tube repair patch and one of those mini bike pumps. My son had a flat ,but he didn't notice it until we were almost back at base camp. Most of our riding is at the tracks and someone always has a tire changing stand so it's easy there. have you ever thought about trying those tire balls?
It's all about technique. I carry a rag, one motion pro short lever, an eight inch crescent wrench for tires. I have combo wrenches for the rim lock (12mm). I've put new tubes in Maxxis Desert IT's with just those tools. The rag is put down so dirt doesn't get into the hub. I use the round end to hold the bead after levering it over with the tire iron.
Those motion pro spoons are what I have. They're small, but effective. I have 3, but usually carry 2. I also have never had a flat in the middle of nowhere... If at all possible, I get back to the truck, where cold beverages, food and better tools await.
patches, tubes, two irons, CO2 cartridges, tools to take wheel off bike, etc. If going to just patch the tube then wheel stays on bike and just pull tube out and getrdone.
okay here are a few pics of some trail side repairs....




And these were the tools that were used along with 2 C02 cylinders.

I love those tire spoon combos. I have the exact same two but they are not orange. I especially like the one with the little lip on it. Those puppies and some Co2 and you are golden. I usually lay the bike on it's side though or try to find a log or rock to set the bike on.