chain lube, more like chain grease?

What do you guys think about this? I was thinking how expensive that fancy chain lube is and my dad told me that i should buy some high temp lithuim auto grease for 1/10 the price and use that on my chain and sprokets. it seems like a good idea at first glance but i wonder if it really could cause any problems. I mean my dad has told me before i wasnt supposed to oil my air filter, DUHHHH

I have used it before but damn, it is so thick and slings onto everything on your bike and is hard to get off. it also cakes and caused dirt to cake and if you have an o-ring chain it is even worse. I just use liquid wrench because I wash and re-spray my chain after ever ride anyway.:thumb:

I can't see paying 10 bucks for a can of stupid spray on something you are going to replace every couple years or sooner anyway.
One question -- O or X ring type chain or old school non ring type chain.

With old school chains I've had good luck with grease. First I take the chain off, and clean it thoroughly in solvent. Let it dry. I get some really light solvent and mix some grease into the solvent so the previously thick grease is a free flowing liquid. Dunk the chain in that, work it in and hang it up. After a the solvent is gone wipe off the excess and reinstall the chain. You can get real long life with this method.

Yea that's a complete pain in the rear to do very often. I buy ring type chains and then it doesn't hardly matter what you use. I go with the chain wax, but a light lube will be fine too. The main function is to prevent the metal from rusting. With a ring chain you are not relying what you spray on to actually lube the chain. That function is handled with the grease that is sealed inside the rings.