150F/230F CFR150RB ?

Need some help here Fellers. Anyone have a 150R? I brought one home last night without an owner's manual and I need to know some of the fluid volumes - both engine and tranny. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. :thumb: N-edge
Copied and pasted :busted:

Oil capacities are listed 3 ways... One for filling after a rebuild that drains ALL of the internal fluids, a 2nd capacity for refill only after normal "drain as much oil as you can without cracking the cases" and a 3rd for regular engine oil service that also includes oil filter replacement.

Engine Oil service replacement is 560cc (19 oz or .59 qt) and 590cc (20 oz or .62 qt) if you also replace the oil filter.

After engine dissasembly, engine oil replacement requires 700cc (24 oz or .74 qt)

The tranny/clutch side requires 570cc (19 oz or .6 qt) or 650cc (22 oz or .69 qt) after a complete engine rebuild.

This might also be a good time to remind that clutches don't like moly-enhanced engine oils (check the labels for oil additives) or just to be on the safe side, use the recommended Honda gear oil (in the tall red bottle) for the clutch side and any good motor oil (including synthetics) for the engine side.

I have raced CRFs since 2002 and change the engine oil every 6-8 hours, and only replace the oil filter every other oil change, and change the tranny/clutch fluids every 3rd oil change. I;ve never have had a problem on this schedule.