All Central California - Miami Trails

:eek: there were a few quad riders up there on sunday. never saw any quads on the trails, but i would not expect to either.
ATV rider lost since Sat was found Mon, dead from a crash in Miami. I will call the deputy and find out what happened.
yeah, sounds funny that that guy didnt think to check on him the next day at least. Ive gone in a group before and some leave early or later too. Maybe the lost guy was supposed to stay all day and the other guy thot nothing of it. Waiting for a return call from my source.
No helmet, no chest protector, had been drinking, going fast on dirt road (41b) and went straight in a corner, over the edge and hit a tree. Buddy didnt see it and went home. They came in a single truck and had one quad. Buddy was following on the road and never saw him go off the edge. He was probly drunk and just went home and left him there. Dad calls and asks where his son is on Tues and thats how they knew he was still out there.

Please dont copy this and put it out so my source doesnt get pissed.
They drunk argued and the victim told the other guy to take off. The quad went down the road fast and the other guy chasing in the truck. Truck catches up and hits quad from behind but no crash. Truck got left behind and off road crash happened. He got back to parking area and no quad. He was drunk and pissed so he loaded up the stuff and went home. Dad calls and finds out he just left him up there. LEO takes the guy back up there and has him show where they were. They find the guy. The quad hit several trees and was 60' off the side. The guy had hit a tree with his body and his aorta was torn completely off... DRT, over... Now I wonder if this is the truth and maybe he hit him and bumped him off the road and directly caused the crash. No way to know unless he confesses tho. Quadtards...............


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After reading your first posts again I figured there has to be more to it. :bonk: Hey drunk idiots. :finger: You know what I discovered when I stopped drinking, I don't make as many stupid choices anymore. :thumb: