camelback owners, come on and all!

Ok everyone, My grandparents bought me a gift card to MC sports for Christmas. Since I am not into any other sports really, my first though MX. So in result I bought a stopwatch (lap timing) and a nice camelback so I can stay out longer. Well my dad is convinced a camelback is a dumb thing for racing and and MX related sports while I on the other hand belive it's gonna be GREAT! He thinks it adds weight and makes a, well, how you'd say, "girly-er rider". I'de like to hear what you guys have to say on the issue (hopefully regarding my side:thumb:) :lol: Anyhow, thanks!
Idk it all depends on your style. If you pit all the time there is no real reason to have one, if you are on a huge open track and you goes though a tank of gas before you pit again then camelback is a good idea, just don't crash and land on your back
Tell your dad is misinformed. My friends and I do three day or more gnarly dual sport rides camping from our bikes. We ride mostly side hill tight single track with very little fire road or pavement in between. I use a full size campers backpack completely full of everything I need for three days. It is a little cumbersome but you get used to the extra weight and become a stronger rider. Then once you go back to a regular camel pack for one day rides, you don't even feel like you have anything on. I also wear a chest protector along with this full size backpack. I prefer to be called a girly rider when we stop for a break and I pull out a beer,sandwich,chips,banana,baseball cap, shades, pillow to sit on, while those guys who think camel packs suck are hungry, cold, thirsty, the sun is in their eyes and they have nothing to sit on.


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Well my dad is convinced a camelback is a dumb thing for racing and and MX related sports.....He thinks it adds weight
Just to make sure, you're talking about riding/racing on a MX track right? If so then I have to agree with your dad, it's not a good idea to wear a camelpak on a track. First off you aren't out on the track for that long of a period, 10-20mins at a time? Yes that extra weight can screw up your balance, or it would for me. Plus I seriously doubt that you'll even have time to shove the tube in your mouth before the next corner/jump. :noidea:

However for trail riding, I wouldn't go without one. :ride:
how you'd say, "girly-er rider".
:thinking: What does he already think that you're a girly rider?
i love mine but then again the races i've done are all over an hour... in the desert i used to go all day without it but for some reason this last trip i drank 2 bags full in one day... maybe it was the whiskey from the night before :smirk: