All Cal Poly Peguins DS ride Sun 4-10

Just signed up my wife and son to go on this with me. Heard of this ride for years and finally gonna do it. Should be a killer ride thru the hills, private property trails n such.
I saw this DS Ride and looks like fun. I cannot make it though. I need to try and hit these events though now that the TTR can participate.
I tried to "clear my calendar" once before for a ride and it didn't work. As much as I would love to do this odds are it's not going to happen. :rant::rant::rant::rant::foul:
Yep, I talked to Travis today and the sign up for less has been extended as well. I am stoked I can make it now. We need to put a DBA group together! :thumb:
I made a room reseerv on Tues morn and had to cancel by 4pm same day. I didnt get a conf email so on Tues evening I checked the web site and found it was cancelled....lost my money on the room:foul: