Cal City Weekend

A fantastic weekend of Riding and Camping. I drug up my Popup Viking trailer and parked it in the shadow of Bills super fifth wheel not too far from Borax Bills. After setting up the trailer, geared up and met a group of day riders at Borax Bills. We started off with 14 of us at Borax bills, gained a few and split off from a few throughout the day. we ended up hitting the rand mountains, lunch in Randsburg, gas in joeburg, hit the red moutains, and then back to Borax bills. What a great day of riding. Camped and watch the big screen TV bill setup. Loaded up in the morning. left one bike out. geared up and went ofr a ride. A nice ride in the rand moutains and back. I had so much fun, ready to do it again.. City- 1-15-16-2011/?start=all
slideshow.. City- 1-15-16-2011/?albumview=slideshow

Day 1: We logged 85 miles. We had a big group. Crazy fun. I rode the KTM 530.

Day 2: We logged 33 miles. Four of us went out for a short ride. It was fun. I rode the Honda 250.
Nice videos. I think that the Randsburg area is one of my favorite riding places. I have been to many spots over many years and I still rate this area as my favorite, along with Dove Springs area but I have not been there in a couple of years as it has become too crowded.