2 Stroke Bring back dad's bike

Can you see what you can pull up on these numbers. The local cycle shop says a number that is on the frame. Doesn't show the bike even exist. Frame= VBKMXF20 3 SM101492
engine= 4 502*14948*
Top end=000 900 30 205


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Vins 10th digit comes back 1995
Engine Code comes back 1994 125cc
Not sure what else I can glean from this information.
-BIG DAN:thumb:
Thank you both! Thabk you for confirming that obviously the local cycle shop is not up to snuff. ... I also can't seem to locate a video or even a clutch for it. I can find stuff for a 97 300. But not for dad's bike. I guess the next rain day I have I'll be taking it apart. But I still don't know exactly what I'm looking for that could be broke. Or not fully functioning.
Okay, I've never baught anything off of eBay. And of course you hear things of both ways . But this site has given me more answers than most shops. Thank you !!