Breathing Technique While Riding

Back when I was into cycling alot, I was told to belly breath not chest. Thats why the pro road bikers look like they have big bellys.(thats not why mine looks big lol)
So I noticed yesterday during running Zone 4 LTHR (170bpm) I was breathing in--4 strides, out--2 strides.

And if ya keep sipping from your camelback that helps the drymouth thing too--and it's more efficient hydration too(less energy to process, and better absorbtion into tissues)
:thumb: I'm with CDA here.

To help with the cotton mouth I'll stick a piece of gum in my mouth, don't chew it though. It just goes to the side of my mouth to get the juices (saliva) flowing.
opps must have got it backwards lol my bad