Breaking Bad

I don't watch too much TV other than Top gear, Speed :smirk: Channel, PowerBlock, and old movies, but I have been DVR'ing Breaking Bad, and I like it. The most recent (I think) episode with the shootout in the parking lot was awesome.
Anyone else watch it?
My favorite show of all time, Dexter being a close second. I've seen every episode since season one, love it! And yes, that parking lot seen was intense. Hank showed the mexican drug cartel brothers what's up for sure.
Looks like Walt's getting deeper in the shitcircle. The "milquetoast" looking owner of Chicken Hermanos or whatever it's called is an evil dude, pretty much wacking anyone who gets in his way.
ive watched every show ..its now into season 3 and the latest scene where Walter calls out the guy on his plan is absolutely amazing. Some of the best acting i have ever seen.
This fly episode was kinda boring IMO but was anyone else thinking that the fly is because of the guy who was walts assistant that he replaced is dead somewhere near ?