RM125 brake pads

how much would brake pads be for an rm 125

depends on how much you want to spend....
I've seen them as cheap as $10 and as expensive as $150....
I have always heard that you should buy the OEM pads because those are the ones that work best... I haven't laid out the $$$$ for them yet to confirm it though... sorry. I can tell you that my $12 Tusk pads work as well as my $35 EBC or my $40 Renthal pads....:shocked: I think I'm gonna buy some OEM pads next just to see.

Edit: Never mind.... OEM pads are $120... holy Shite!
I put the 25 dollar tusk pads on the wr (front and rear) and although they don't inspire confidence like the oem pads did, they are adequate. picky riders may not like them though
Hey Big Dan... who makes the OEM pads?

As for the quality of aftermarket I have found that they dont stop worth a crap.... I rebuilt my caliper and mastercylinder and even the brake hose... I still can't get that stopping power my KX has... that includes power bleeding the brakes as well...
I might try shimming the piston side of the caliper with an old pad to increase sensitivity.. :thinking:

My next buy will be the DP pads.
Of all the different pads I've tried over the years on my Kawies, Honda OEM pads have the best feel and power, with very good life, but they're pricey. Galfer semi-metallic pads seem to be the most powerful aftermarket pads, but have a short life. EBC pads just seem to suck all the way around, especially the carbon pads. The sintered metal EBCs have decent power but poor feel and very short life. Motomaster standard pads offer good life and feel but poor stopping power. I have settled on Braking sintered pads as the best overall compromise for the money. They have good power, decent life, and excellent feel.